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Sukhoi Su-37 Terminator

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Sukhoi Su-37 is a Russian experimental multirole jet fighter aircraft. It's a single-seat aircraft, all-weather fighter and ground attack prototype aircraft, derived from the Su-27. The Su-37 includes several updates over the Su-27, including all-weather multi-mode passive electronically scanned array radar with synthetic aperture, terrain avoidance, terrain mapping radar. The airframe includes a percentage of parts made from composites, unlike the all-metal Su-27. Additionally, the Su-37 incorporates the AL-37FU engines equipped with thrust vectoring. The Su-37’s nozzles are variable in pitch and travel plus or minus 15 degrees. It can carry air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons on 12 stations.

The Su-37's TVC system is integrated into the aircraft's fly-by-wire system, giving the aircraft controllability at beyond-critical angles of attack and near-zero speeds. The Su-37 was able of performing aerobatics unmatched by any contemporary fighter. Examples include vertical somersault while retaining the flight path (Frolov's chakra), forced tight radius turns, controlled spin. This super-manoeuvrability would give the Su-37 an edge in dogfights with other aircraft. It also stunned the public at the Farnborough airshow in September 1996, Le Bourget in June 1997 and MAKS in August of 1997.

The engine not only incorporates a new generation 2D TVC but also is tough and resistant to engine surge even during classic, inverted and flat spins, giving better reliability and maneuverability, such as when the angle of attack is as high as 180 degrees.

Function: fighter
Year: 1996
Crew: 1
Engines: 2 * 137kN Saturn AL-37FU
Wing Span: 14.70 m
Length: 22.10 m
Height: 6.32 m
Wing Area:
Empty Weight: 18500 kg
Max.Weight: 34000 kg
Speed: 2400 km/h
Ceiling: 17800 m
Armament: 1 × 30 mm GSh-30 cannon with 150 rounds, 12 × wing and fuselage stations for up to 8,200 kg (18,080 lb) of ordnance


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