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Steyr ACR

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The Steyr ACR was Steyr's entry for the US Army's Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) program in the late 80's / early 90's. Although the Steyr design proved effective, as did most of the weapons submitted, the entire ACR program ended with none of the entrants achieving performance 100% better than the M16A2, the baseline for a successful ACR weapon. The Steyr ACR was one of the top 4 that were reviewed, but none managed to meet the army's requirement of 100% improvement over the M-16 and therefore none were accepted.

Steyr in presenting its ACR system is the only system that balances human engineering and weapons design with consideration of cost and near term availability to offer a quantum improvement over the M16 A2. The Steyr ACR provides Tomorrows Technology Today.

The Steyr ACR is designed for ambidextrous use to include the magazine release, safety, and cartridge ejection from the bottom of the weapon. Ease of handling is accommodated by the contoured design of the weapon. The over all length of the ACR is only 30.7 which is 25% shorter than the M16A2 allowing for high maneuverability in confined spaces and better accommodation to airborne and special forces needs. Its tough synthetic and metal construction is completely modular and the system consists of fewer than 1000 moving parts. This means greater logistics supportability of a family of weapons, greater enhancement of maintenance in the field and depot level. It should provide for enhanced level of readiness and reduced life cycle costs.

Weapon type : Assault Rifle
Caliber : 5.56 x 45 mm Flechette
Action : Selective Fire, gas-operated, vertically-sliding chamber
Rate of fire : Semi automatic, 3-round burst at 2200rpm cyclic rounds per minute
Overall length : 770 millimeters
Barrel length : 540 millimeters
Weight empty : 3.2 kilograms
Magazine capacity : 24 rounds
Maximum effective range : 500 m
Muzzle velocity : 1480 m/s
Feed system : 24-round box magazine


no500m said...

it maximum effective range was ~3200m (i wonder if it still bends at that range), its dumb to writhe a insanly aerodynamic projectile at 1480ms/~4960fps have a range of 500m, when 5.56x45 which have really poor aerodynamic have an effective range of 800m

Steyr SCF= 2.011mm frontal surface + way better and more pointy tip , 5.56x45(5.7mm bullet)= 25.518mm frontal surface with bad shaped and not so pointy tip and base that causes air underpressure&turbulences which slows it down

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