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Steyr M1912

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The Steyr 1912 pistol was designed in around 1910, and entered production in 1911 by the Austrian firm Steyr Mannlicher by Karl Krnka, with first deliveries made to Chile, as Steyr Model 1911. Next year it was adopted by armed forces of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and also by Romanian military. Significant numbers of these pistols were produced at the famous Steyr arms factory until the end of WW1, originally in 9x23 Steyr caliber. When the Hitler's Germany occupied Austria in 1939, many of these pistols were converted to fire 9x19 Luger (9mm P.Patr.08) ammunition, and issued to a variety of German 2nd line military troops and police. Such pistols were usually marked on the slide with "08" or "P-08", to distinguish them from original guns chambered for 9x23 Steyr ammunition. It was in service in a limited capacity for the Wehrmacht until the end of World War II.

The Steyr M1912 is usually known as the Steyr-Hahn (Steyr-Hammer). Ostensibly this is because of its external hammer but contemporary designs and indeed earlier Steyr designs also used an external hammer, so this is open to debate.


Type : Single Action semiautomatic
Caliber : 9x23 Steyr, later 9x19 Luger
Weight unloaded : 980 g empty
Length : 205 mm
Barrel length : 130 mm
Magazine capacity : 8 rounds
Cartridge : 9 mm Steyr (Austria), 9 mm Parabellum (German)
Action : Short Recoil
Muzzle velocity : 1120 ft/s (385 m/s) 9x19mm Parabellum
Effective range : 50 m
Sights : Iron sights


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