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H&K G-3

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The H&K G3 (Gewehr 3) are a successful assault rifles design produced by the German firm of Heckler & Koch with the Federal Republic of Germany in 1961. The G3 itself was based on the Spanish CETME rifle which in turn was based on the World War Two-era German designed Mauser StuG 45 gun. It was a highly manufactured and licensed weapon system that became the standard rifle of many NATO countries including the German Army. The base weapon was converted in many other variants and had provisions for a grenade launcher, flash suppressor and bayonet.

The G3 chambered the heavy 7.62mm NATO round and fired 20-round box magazines from a delayed blowback system. The G3's design characteristics were not overly impressive, though the system as a whole was reliable and robust, two good characteristics to feature in your frontline assault rifle. Though no longer fielded by the German Army (replaced in 1997), it is still found as frontline weapons in other countries around the world.

Caliber: 7.62x51mm (.308 Win)
Ammunition Feed: Staggered magazines;5- or 20-round capacity
Cyclic rate: 600 RPM
Sight Radius: 22.5 inches (572mm)
Weight: 9.7 pounds (4.41 kg)
Barrel length: 17.71 inches (449.8mm)
Overall length: 40.38 inches (1,025.7mm)
Width: 2.28 inches (57.91mm)
Height: 8.26 inches (209.8mm)


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