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Beretta 92

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Beretta 92 

The Beretta 92 is originally designed for the Italian army and police. It's a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Beretta of Italy. Beretta 92F - 9x19mm. The cosmetic differences are very slight and hard to see between this gun and the newer 92FS. Most of the changes are the inner workings of the gun.

The Beretta 92 pistol evolved from earlier Beretta designs, most notably the M1922 and M1951. From the M1922 comes the open slide design, while the alloy frame and locking block barrel (originally from Walther P38) were first used in the M1951. The grip angle and the front sight integrated with the slide were also common to earlier Beretta pistols.

Beretta 92 pistols are short-recoil operated, locked-breech weapons with an aluminium frame. The locking system is of the Walther type, with a vertically-tilting locking piece located below the breech area of the barrel. The trigger is double-action, with an exposed hammer. On some pistols, such as the Model 92G adopted in France, the levers do not lock themselves in the lowered position but return to the “fire” position once released – their function is limited only to safe decocking of the hammer. Some other models, such as the Model 92D, are double-action-only pistols with no manual safety or decocker. All pistols of current production are fitted with an automatic firing pin block safety. Magazines are double stack, with the magazine release button located in the base of the trigger-guard on all 92-series pistols made since 1981. Sights on service models are of fixed type, with a dovetailed rear blade, usually with high-contrast inserts.

This gun also used to stand-in for the Beretta 92F in some movies and TV shows. At "The Matrix", this gun been used by Neo (Keanu Reeves), then also been seen in several other famous movie.

950 grams (34 oz) (92)
970 grams (34 oz) (92S/SB/F/G)
920 grams (32 oz) (92D)
900 grams (32 oz) (Compact/Vertec)
217 millimetres (8.5 in)
211 millimetres (8.3 in) (Vertec)
197 millimetres (7.8 in) (Compact/Centurion)
Barrel length:
125 millimetres (4.9 in)
119 millimetres (4.7 in) (Vertec/Elites/Border Marshal/Combo)
109 millimetres (4.3 in) (Compact/Centurion)
9x19mm Parabellum (92 series)
.40 S&W (96 series)
9x21mm IMI (98 series)


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