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The CornerShot is an Israeli gun accessory developed and made by a company called Corner Shot holdings LLC and designed by Amos Golan. It's designed to enables homeland military personnel to engage hostile targets from the all possible corner, and all shooting positions without the removal of hands from the weapon. The cornershot has three types one with a pistol to shoot one without a laser target light and has a 45 mm grenade launcher and does not shoot bullets, one with a assault rifle for the shooting part.

The front part also contained a video cam. The rear part of the weapon has a viewer  for the videocam and a trigger, which activates a trigger mechanism in front part that fires the pistol. Firing 9mm or larger bullets, the sighting system is pretty accurate at ranges under a hundred meters, which is the normal range of urban combat. The weapon can fire a pistol fitted with a silencer. The videocam can be replaced with a night vision system and laser sights.

The Corner shot's shooting range is claimed to be accurate and effective to 100 meters in 9x19mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP pistols, and is claimed to be effective to 200 meters with a 5.7x28mm pistol. The device is available in several variations, including the Beretta 92F, a model widely used by US security forces, the Glock, SIG SAUER and CZ, the mechanism can also mount various accessories such as detachable cameras, audio/video transmission kits, visible and IR lasers and tactical flashlights, suppressors and rubber bullets A standard pistol version is available, along with a 40 mm grenade launcher. Because they are fitted with high-resolution digital cameras, any variant can also be used as a surveillance tool. All the models come with the same stock camera and 2.5 in. color LCD monitor, providing a video observation and sighting system with transmission capability. The flashlight and camera lets it operate in either day or night. A variety of optional interchangeable cameras, as well as a folding stock, are available, and a universal accessory rail is standard.


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