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Hataf-2 Abdali Ballistic Missile

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The Hataf-2 Abdali is a Land Based Ballistic Missile Systems which are deployed by the Pakistan Army. The Hataf-2 Abdali missiles have a range of 180 kilometers and can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads. This specific missile characterizes with amazing accuracy which, however, influences the range.

The Abdali-I was originally designed as the two-stage version of the Hatf-I, essentially a solid-propellant stage was attached to the bottom of a Hatf-I. However, the program was canceled in 1994, likely due to the purchase of the M-11 missiles from the People’s Republic of China. A new design for the Abdali-I was started in 1995.


Weight: 1,750 kg
Length: 9.75 m
Diameter: 0.56 m
Warhead: Single Conventional HE/Nuclear 500Kg
Engine: Single stage solid propellant
Operational range: 180 km
Guidance system: Inertial, Terminal
Launch platform: transporter erector launcher (TEL)


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