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Heron TP II Eitan (IAI Eitan)

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Heron TP Eitan a.k.a IAI Eitan is a reconnaissance Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed in Israel in the early 21st century by the Malat division of Israel Aerospace Industries. It provides deep-penetration, wide-area, real-time intelligence to national agencies, theater commanders and lower echelons.

It is a high-wing cantilever monoplane with wings of high aspect ratio. Booms extend rearward from the wings and carry twin tails that are joined by a common horizontal stabiliser. The main units of the tricycle undercarriage retract into the tail booms, and the nosewheel retracts into the fuselage. A single turboprop engine is mounted in the rear fuselage, driving a pusher propeller.

Apart from long range, long endurance Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions, Eitan is designed to execute a large variety of operational missions, including aerial refueling and strategic missile defense. Eitan made its maiden flight Friday, July 15, 2006 in Israel. The new MALE UAV will provide the Israel Air Force persistent, high altitude, long endurance ISR capability well beyond the reach of enemy air defenses, far beyond the Israeli borders.

Crew: none
Capacity: 2,000 kg (4,400 lb) payload
Max takeoff weight: 4,650 kg (10,250 lb)
Length: 14.00 m (46 ft in)
Wingspan: 26.00 m (86 ft in)
Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney PT6A, 900 kW (1,200 hp) each
Range: 7,400+ km (4,600+ miles)
Endurance: 36 hours  0 min
Service ceiling: 13,700 m (40,000 Ft ft)


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