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SIG SAUER P250 brings modular firearm design to a whole new level thus making it the most versatile handgun available.SIG-Sauer P250 DC is the most recent addition to the famous SIG-Sauer line of pistols. First announced at the IWA-2004 exhibition in Nurnberg, Germany (March 12-15, 2004), this pistol then faced almost 4 years of continued development, which was a combined effort of German engineers at J.P.Sauer and American engineers from SIGARMS. The gun was re-introduced in late 2007, and is now (February 2008) available in single caliber (9mm), single frame size (compact) and three grip sizes (S - small, M - medium and L - large).

The key to the P250’s versatility is its metal frame and trigger assembly. At the heart of the P250 is a unique metal frame that fits easily into any of the polymer grip housings chosen, with its serial number showing through an opening. By selecting caliber, trigger length, and other options, a complete pistol is created. All told, one metal frame can be assembled into a wide range of calibers, sizes, triggers, and grip configurations.


Type: Double Action Only
Calibers: 9x19mm Parabellum; .357SIG, .40SW and .45ACP to be announced later
Weight unloaded: 700 g / 24.6 oz
Length: 183 mm / 7.2"
Barrel length: 98 mm / 3.9"
Capacity: 15 or 16 rounds (9mm)


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