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Pindad SPR

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Pindad SPR (Senapan Penembak Runduk) Rifle produced by PT. Pindad, Indonesia. This gun allows the shooter to adjust the height of the position and stability by regulating the bipod rifle on the bottom front of the barrel, look at the target with a snap type of telescope making sniper rifle with high accuracy. Sniper rifle is available in three variants: SPR-1, SPR-2 and SPR-3 are all filled with bullets caliber 7.62 x 51 mm.


This gun at first glance it can be said for the military version of a standard sporting rifle bolt action type, by adopting a Remington rifle model 700, bullet type 7.62 x 51 mm manually inserted one by one because the rifle is not equipped magazen (magazen chamber). With the bipod, butt-hole stock thumb model and cheekpiece (stand cheek shooter) which is height adjustable, equipped with an optical viewfinder makes sniper rifle that has a high stability and high accuracy within a range of 500 to 900 meters.


Basic specifications of the SPR-2 rifle similar to the type of SPR-1 with still adopt the system of bolt action mechanism will however have better features than the previous version of a magazine chamber, an adjustable butt, and the ability to penetrate the two-centimeter-thick steel plate in distance of 500 meters. Although inspired products antimaterial existing rifle, the presence of SPR-2 tended to design their own from PT Pindad. Although in some figures, still take the design of the Black Arrow M93 rifle and NTW-20 made in South Africa.


Has the same features but the rifle SPR SPR-2-3 has a range of skills as far as 700 meters with the ability to penetrate the thick steel plate 3 inches.

Weight : 6.8 kg (SPR-1)
Magazen : 7.62 x 51 mm
Mechanism : Bolt-action
Effective distance : 500-900 meters (SPR-1), 500 meters (SPR-2), 700 meters (SPR-3)
Ammunition : Manual (SPR-1), Magazen Boxes of 5 rounds (SPR-2), (SPR-3)
Sights : Telescopic 


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